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HI kathryn
I just wanted to pop in here and say hi to you. I read and post regularly in F&F, but i also read in journal frequently too.
We both found this site about the same time, and i, like you, am so grateful to have found it. I feel honored to have the privilege of meeting so many open-minded, caring and supportive individuals. I love the replies and the support that you offer others in the threads i have i read, and that prompted me to read your whole story.
Wow. What a journey you have had, and what a journey you are on. I am in awe of what you have been/are going through… and you have continued to write such incredibly positive supportive stuff to others who are ‘in need’, at a time when you would have been totally forgiven for focussing totally on yourself!
Hey chook. You are one awesome lady, and you you are made of strong stuff.
I have not been through what you are going through, but i’ve had some experiences of my own…and i agree whole-heartedly with your best friend – everything happens for a reason! This is some incredible (and obviously painful) journey you are on just now… so just imagine what incredible (and wonderful) things may come of it!!!!? My favourite saying is "there is no growth, without pain" (in other words….what doesn’t kill us makes us stronger right?! LOL).
One is left thinking that your ‘higher power’ is propelling you forward at a great speed, knowing, full well, there are many great achievements instore for kathryn….
Well done on your recovery to date. Much respect to you for ‘keeping it together’ to get through this DNA test scenario.
Please keep posting.I will continue to follow your journey and i’ll be cheering you on too.
Much love and light to you 
 ‘The will of God will never take you, where the grace of God will not protect you’