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Another worry for you Kathryn…and you still didn’t gamble.  Good for you! Too much stress is a trigger for me but so is calm and boredom.  I’m proud of you for not running to the casino.
7 years ago my son and his girlfriend of 6 months announced she was pregnant.  I was upset but hid it.  I hugged them both and my first beautiful granddaughter was born.  I witnessed her birth…and was present at the birth of my next 3 granddaughters too. Beautiful (and scary) experiences.
After 2 little girls, my son’s wife wanted a divorce.  My son was devestated but started dating after about a month.  His first girlfriend was a very pretty young lady with two little kids.  My son told me she was pregnant.  I went through the roof.  No hugs, no congratulations only ‘are you stupid?’   I think my son was trying to re-create his prior life but the young lady was an opportunist.  Thankfully, my son found out she was lying about being pregnant before she actually did get pregnant…and she stole money from him so that relationship ended. I think he learned his lesson that it takes a while to know someone and, most importantly, to use of birth control.
Maybe your nephew’s ex is lying about being pregnant.  Whether she is pregnant or not, it’s not to be taken lightly and hopefully your nephew learns a lesson that sticks with him the rest of his life.
Keep caring and sharing.  Your posts are very inspirational.