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Hi Kathryn
I have just read your post on Willit’s thread and as always when I read such words from a person with the compulsion to gamble I find myself looking for the author.
Please don’t break your heart for our threads. We have to learn that someone we love has an illness that they cannot help without support. What you write does not sound ‘dumb’ but please don’t give yourself unnecessary guilt. We are not on different sides. I think we are two halves of the same illness. We can either chose to carry on or change our lives. That is difficult for all of us but we ‘all’ have the ability to make our own choice.
‘You’ did nothing to the F&F forum apart from share in it, which is great. Your illness will probably have hurt those around but it hurts you too. I am not a CG and I cannot judge.   You are not responsible for all the pain that this illness inflicts.  
I want both forums to succeed in supporting gamble-free lives and I rejoice in every success.
It is great to see you in F&F – please pop in again
Loads of Love
Velvet xxxxxxxxxxxxx