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Hi Kathryn
No apology needed. According to Donought (in F&F) I am 126 and live in a tree.
I always said I was 29 but eventually I was sussed because I admitted I lived with the addiction for over 23 years before my 37 year old son CG faced his demons and committed to a gamble-free life.   The ever resourceful F&F put 2 and 2 together and sadly I had to admit that maybe I was a tiny bit older.
I am glad you do not carry guilt. Regret I understand. 
You could not offend me and I will pop over every now and then and see how you are getting on. I do have a thread somewhere but being ancient I have probably lost it!!
Sorry I haven’t really answered your question but if you think you have a sticky nose you have not been on the receiving end of an F&F group inquisition. xx
Loads of Love
Velvet xxxx