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Hi All,
Thank you all for your lovely words of encouragement…i will be remembering them while away.  Velvet, i have to say, i was a bit dissapointed that you werent…i was excited at the prospect!!!!
So, i had a fight with Brea last night, she told me i hated her boyfriend and that i make the house uncomfortable when he is here (he stays at least 3 nights a week), she is moving out early next year because of it.  I told her that i have tried for almost 2 years to make Cameron (bf) feel comfortable in this house, but after only getting grunt answers from him i have decided that i would say hello and goodbye as im over the whole thing and im not going to get down and lick his feet to make HIM feel better.  He is a very rude and ignorant person, i simply cant be bothered anymore.  I dont hate him, but he’s 19 for gods sake and he cant say ‘Hi Kathryn, how are you?’. She says he is scared of me…what a crock of s**t.  He has no manners, and that is one thing i am big on in this house and she knows that.
When she told me she was moving out because of me i was soooo hurt.  And she knew it! I just said ok and walked out of her room and came and got on the computer.  Later on, she came out and said she was sorry, she didnt mean it, she was stressed with school etc…..i told her how she made me feel, i also told her that if she wants to move out that is fine but im not going to be the reason she does.  I dont hate him, i dont know him.  What i do know is he makes her happy and thats all that matters but im not tiptoeing around him.  She says she is in the middle, i say, if i say anything to Cameron he would start bawling so why would i do that…just more ammunition for her.
Anyway, we kinda sorted it out…i think.
We still havent done the DNA test yet, Dames is putting it off, understandably.  We’ll just do it when we get back from Sydney i think.  I am really looking forward to it (Sydney that is, not the DNA test!!!)
Anyway all, have a lovely gamble free day, im off to finish scrubbing the shower (worst job in the world)
Bye for now, Kathryn xx 
 Fighting the good fight…One day at a time