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Hi Kathryn, That was an interesting exchange with Brea. I’ve never raised kids so I am clueless. I think you were right to tell her how you feel about her boyfriend, though. I also think it’s not asking too much for someone to be friendly or at least respectful toward you in your own home! Surely Brea can understand your side.
I’m sure Brea feels caught in the middle, not wanting to alienate either of you. But, to me, it seems you are the one caught in the middle, not wanting to alienate Brea, but at the same time, expecting her guest to behave appropriately toward you in your home. Maybe you could talk to Cameron and tell him how you expect him to act toward you and the rest of the family when he visits. Could be he’s just a little socially inept if he hasn’t had much training. I dunno. But, I think you did good to let Brea know you weren’t buying her spiel about moving out because of you!
I envy you going to Sydney. I wish I could go to anywhere in Australia! Maybe someday. I could have taken a couple of high class cruises around the world already on what I’ve gambled over the years. So far the closest I can get to getting out of the country is to drive a few miles to the Canadian border. LOL. Oh well. Someday I may be able to get to travel if I save those pennies.
Have a great trip and don’t worry about Brea. You have something Cameron can’t replace or compete with: a history with your daughter.
God Bless.
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