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Hi All,
I had a wonderful weekend in Sydney…it was amazing, Dames and i ate, drank and DIDNT GAMBLE!!!
We spent a lot of time down near the bridge and Opera house, which was lovely, went on the ferry over to Taronga Zoo, and of course went to the football, where we won by 1 point!!!! Every pub we went into had a machine, and i mean 1 machine (wierd) but we talked about how much fun we were having and how we didnt need to gamble…and we really didnt.
When we got home my sister and her kids, grandchild (8 in total) were here.   They stayed last night, it was a very late night for me, as im lucky to see them once a year.  They left this morning.  My house is a wreck but hey, how often does it happen.  I will spend most of today catching up on posts, im dying to see how everyone is, i really missed not being able to come on when i felt like it.
Anyway, it was a good feeling driving home knowing we still had money.  We would have blown the lot for sure.
Now its time to face reality.  Have a great day everyone, bye for now, Kathryn xxFighting the good fight…One day at a time