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Hi Kathryn
Just popped in to catch up.
Your posts get more and more positive and it is great to see a gorgeous person emerging bit by bit.
Applying the lessons we learned living with the compulsion to gamble (both as a CG and as non-CG) to other parts of our lives seems to make sense of the insensible to me. It gives the ‘unfairness’ of it all a reason.
I had to deal with something the other week that had nothing to do with compulsive gambling whatsoever but without the lessons I have learnt from my CG and from these forums I would not have understood. I would have had trouble accepting.
Like you I have a lot to be thankful for and ‘acceptance’ and ‘non-judgement’ come high on the list.
Today I read about you in Australia with your whirlwind sister and family and I knew how you felt as you slid down the wall when they left even though you had enjoyed it.
Without the uninvited experience that I had and the acceptance that I could not change that experience I would not have met you and so many other wonderful people. 
I am glad that I have learnt to change one of the few things that I can (me) even if I can’t remember how old I am! I don’t think I said that I wasn’t 96 but then I don’t remember where I’ve put my teeth or my zimmer frame either. 
Now where was I? Oh yes I was going to write to Kathryn ……………
Loads of Love
Velvet (I think) xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx