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Hi All,
Well not very much happening in my part of the world today.  I have just dropped Harry off at kinder and Brea is home from school (study day…shes watching a movie!!!)
Damian and Bailey are taking off up bush tomorrow morning for a 4 day weekend camping and fishing.  It will be nice to have the quiet, Brea is not normally home and Harry is so good he just amuses himself, although i am going to treat him to McDonalds tomorrow night.  Im working all weekend as i swapped last weekend so i could go to Sydney. 
I am going to Jodies tonight for "our" night.  The Amazing Race is on…our favourite show and i have just been to the local bakery and bought 2 of the most disgusting, delicious looking cream cakes i could find for the occasion. I always bring the sweet and she does a dip and chip…YUM!!!
Im looking forward to it and so is she..last night her 2yo discovered he could climb out of the cot.  Oh dear, he was up about 10 times, shes hardly had any sleep.  I dont miss that at all.
So my gambling niggles as i call them are still always there, but i dont let them escalate at all.  No news from the DNA test, although i think it will be a couple of weeks till we know.
I hope you all have a wonderful, gamble free day.
Take care all, bye for now, Kathryn xxFighting the good fight…One day at a time