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Hey Kathryn
  I wanted to share with u my experience with self exclution. It worked for me for awhile until I recieved some coupons in the mail for a casino close by.. I fell off the wagon hard and binged for a few weeks until I had my breakdown and came here.. I called the place that sent me the coupons after a night of hard gambling and asked them why I was sent the coupons and why no one caught me gambling there.. Their response was priceless…" We wont be able to locate you If you do not use your players card, We would of caught it if you hit a taxable"  I was shocked. This is the same place one year pryor that I had my picture taken at and signed forms pledging to never return again… and there I was. I will say that the self exclusion helps tremendously but Is not a "fool proof" plan. It is ultimatly up to you and me to make the right decision. It feels fantastic in the end. I enjoy reading your posts.. Keep up the good work! Best of luck in your recovery!
   10 days clean"Fight the good fight"