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Hi All,
Its 3.30am, and i just got through waving Damian and Bailey off on their big camping trip.  So what does one do at 3.30? What else.  I am still kicking myself over my post on Als thread.  Talk about mother mode. I felt sick to my stomach when i went to bed…im a ranting lunatic!!!!!
I feel so good about my life at the moment in terms of not gambling and the good changes that have occured since that dreaded day…..i want everyone else to feel as good as i do.  Thats not to say that i dont have bad days, thats just life.  But the positives far outweigh the negatives at the moment and i do feel lucky and blessed.  If this site was not here for me to rant on i dont know what id do.
So to Al, im sorry, and to the rest of you all, please forgive my moment of madness, this forum is here for us to say what we need to say, to be able to vent all our emotions and feelings when we need to, god knows ive done it a million times myself and if we cant do it here, then where?
Wishing you all a wonderful gamble free day, bye for now, Kathryn xxFighting the good fight…One day at a time