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the cowboy

Hi Kathryn,
Its good to see a ‘normal’ person leading a ‘normal’ life again!!!
I think its kinda normal for all of us at one point or another to speak their mind, I took no offense and if I am truthful I don’t see what the big deal is, if anything, it should be me apologising for my silly and inconsiderate email about how I am going to gamble on Saturday, I said the same crap last week and guess what, I didn’t gamble.
I am expecting the worst from myself K, somewhere down the line, I have always let myself down and others and I think the pressure of actually succeeding and being honest with myself is actually causing more stress than actually gambling!
All is good today and I am glad to see that you are feeling good K 🙂
Keep those updates of yours coming, I just wish I could bring myself to tell my wife what a great bunch of friends I have met online, geeeeee, I sound like a right GEEK!
PS…. only 7 weeks to ba ba number 2! wish me luck!
Chat soon geek!Players do not continuously lose… They continuously nearly win!!