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Hi Kat,
     Just wanted to let you know that I think (and I do) staying extremely positive is an acceptional tool for recovery!  Also, look at picking up a new hobby to fill the void of time for when you were commiting the wrong!!  Something, anything!!!  Choose something that you’ll enjoy and look forward to doing for a long time to come.  Basket weaving, tennis, start a small managable business, get a nintendo wii to play games and exercise.  Alot of motivational speakers believe that you should exercise to make the mind healthy.  Join a local gym and start off slow but steady and work your way up.  Heck, mabey begin to train to run a 5k marathon(3.2 miles).  Then, the skys the limit. 
Keep it up,
MnewellOn my way back to winning my losings!!!!!   LOL!!!!