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Hi All,
I had decided today that i needed to go and get some shoes for Bailey, as i told RG earlier, i took him to school this morning and when he got out of the car i saw his shoes.  His whole toe was hanging out to my horror.  He stated ‘its ok mum, its only one foot!’ Well that must make it ok then…anyway we decided to have a family trip to KMart…which i think is the same al Wal Mart.  Anyway, im imagining a lovely trip, stopping in all the isles to look at the latest bargains, buying myself something, maybe and we are all laughing and talking and having a lovely time.
HELLO REALITY!!! The kids were whinging they wanted something, Dames had road rage on the way in, Brea was trying to keep the peace, Harry wouldnt try on a jumper because it ‘didnt work’ (dont ask), Damian didnt like Baileys shoes he had picked so he wasnt happy, it just went on and on.  We were there for a whole 40 minutes until i cracked it and said ‘get in the car, we’re going home"…
Why do i put these expectations on myself, on my family.  It never works out!!!  Although im laughing now, i was sooo wild.  Oh well, im over it, although i will never do a family trip to KMart again.  Im out!!!!!
On a nicer note, my brother rang me tonight, he is up north on a holiday and i havent spoken to him since March.  He and his wife are having a lovely time.  We dont talk often, he is 17yrs older than me and when our dad died he tried to take over…not acceptable to a 16yo. Its by the by now, but it was nice for him to ring, he will be down in about 3 weeks so we will catch up then and look at his 5 million photos…lol.
I hope you all had a lovely day…although by the time you read this is will proboably be tomorrow!!!!
Bye for now, Kathryn xxFighting the good fight…One day at a time