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Hi Kathryn
I was just about off to bed, when i read your post about the shopping trip! I am SOOO laughing with ya! My son has school shoes JUST like that too… and I bet when you asked Harry WHY the jumper ‘didn’t work’, he just rolled his eyes at you???!!
We ALL put these expectations on ourselves and personally I BLAME DISNEY MOVIES! LOL
My kids were watching one recently where the mom was all ‘apple pie’, she was caring and sharing, she did amazingly cool things with her kids, she was never grumpy and endlessly forgiving! Oh and did I mention she was also drop dead gorgeous too?!  Ugh. I’m sure the movie had a story line but I didn’t pick it up, I was too busy being mortified by the fact my kids were lapping this stuff up!
I wanted to slam-dunk the OFF button and scream at them "don’t you KNOW real mothers are NOT LIKE THIS!!" … but i knew i wouldn’t be able to help myself and I’d then finish the sentence with something like…" and anyway you should be doing your homework, your bike is STILL lying in the driveway and I’m so damn sick of picking up after everyone in the place!"… so i thought it best to leave them to their fantasy… while i went straight to the kitchen to bake them some brownies (NOT!)
Sleep well with those 60 days under your belt babe!
love and light
meg xxx