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Hi Kathryn, a BIG thank you for your wonderful support on my thread. I really appreciate it. I’m o k now, recovering from my slip, but feeling annoyed with myself for sleeping in too late today and not making the most of my day off. I think my brains way of dealing with stress is to sleep more!!!
I lol reading your post about your family outing to kmart. I can relate to your experience, my daughter was a nightmare to take anywhere when she was younger. She is now 16 and a pleasure to be with (most of the time!!!). and meglee , you are so right about those movies. There is no such thing as a perfect mum, you just need to be ‘good enough’.
Well done on your gamble free days, Kathryn, you are inspirational. I hope i can get to 60 days+, one day at a time.
Andrea x