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Hi All,
RG, Alice, Meg and Andrea, thanks for your lovely words of encouragement.
I checked the DNA website this morning and they have recieved Damians sample but Fester and Sashas havent arrived yet.  I am getting a bit toey, i want this over and done with so i am going to ring Fester today and see what is going on, if they have sent it.  I rang Damian and he is going to message Sasha to get their home phone number.  The reason i am going to ring is because i know the information, and to be truthful, i think im better off ringing, Dames is just ignoring it, well he wants too and as i said to him this morning, this is not going away.
I told him that there might be some changes but we have to find out and move forward, without the elephant in the room. I dont know what he thinks is going to happen, matter of fact, i think ill ask him that when i next get the chance. Im working tonight so he will proboably be in bed when i get home.
Thats all my goss for today, well, its only 9.30am so if there are any developments ill let you all know.
Have a wonderful gamble free day, bye for now, Kathryn xxFighting the good fight…One day at a time