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Hi Kathryn
I think you are doing well with your attitude to the DNA. You are taking control of the situation which is a positive move and all positive moves and thinking must be good for you at this time. Hiding away is old behaviour and not part of this new wonderful Kathryn.
I didn’t realise when you talked about the elephant in the zoo that you had brought him home but I am sure you will send him back very soon – you are thinking for everyone and the elephant has to go – too expensive to feed and there is not enough room on the sofa. Mind you he might behave himself in Kmart apart from the mess on the floor but you can always pretend it had nothing to do with you xx.
Have you found with three children that if you try and photograph them – one is always not looking or pulling a face? 
thinking about you
Loads of Love
Velvet xxxxxxxxxxxxx