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Well here i am on day 8…
I have done a bad thing today…i took a sickie from work, now before you go tsk,tsk, ill tell you why.
My daughters birthday party is tomorrow night and i was supposed to work tonight and im working all weekend 7am-3pm.  We are having the party in our back room, its like a built in decking…. so tonight my girlfriend is coming over and we are going to decorate it for tomorrow night, you have no idea the stuff we have!!!!
I also need to do an embaressing photo board for her, you know all the nude shots!!!!
Im sitting in this back room which is usually full of the boys toys and everything that doesnt fit in the house and im trying to clean it up.  I also have to clean the fish tank…i cant believe the poor buggers are still alive!!!
So im not coping, i feel i have so much to do that i cant do anything!!! you know the feeling of being overwhelmed? I just go into meltdown.  Calm down Kathryn…..So i thought id get on and write a post and take a minute. 
I dont want my daughter to be paniking tomorrow that the room is not done and we have to rush it when i get home from work. And i must say, i only feel a little bit guilty about the sick day, i havent had one for a very long time.  I did get the hubby to ring and say i had a migraine, god i hope karma doesnt come and bite me in the backside.
Anyway, im feeling a bit better now, im not even worried about the gambling today, i dont think my mind can cram it in with all the other stuff i have to do. My bestie is making the cake, shes doing a high heel shoe, my daughter has about 30 pairs of them so i cant wait to see it.  It should be a fun night.  Anyway, im going, ill just do one thing at a time, mind you, ive got ALL day!!!!! Im such a drama queen!!!!! Hope you are all having a good day.  Ill let you know how the party goes.  Bye for now, KathrynFighting the good fight…One day at a time