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Great job Kathryn!  If you can make it through 63 days with all the Fester turmoil, you are one strong woman!  BTW, I smile everytime you mention ‘Fester’.  A famous political figure had an affair and maybe a child with his affair…and his wife (Elizabeth Edwards) was on Oprah under the condition the other woman’s name wasn’t mentioned.  She didn’t want to give that woman any notoriaty or importance.  I think she should have taken your lead and just called her Fester/Festus or some unflattering name.  I’m sure she has called her many other unflattering names…just not in public. Hopefully, after the results, Fester will fade into the sunset and the daughter will settle back into her own life after the novelty wears off. 
Enjoy your daily gamble-free milestones. I enjoy reading your accompishments too.