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Hi All,
Butterfly, i am still here, i have been doing a lot of reading when ive had time…thanks Marla and Marilee, i will keep the journal idea in my mind, although i dont know if Dames would be in for a go.
Ive been working this weekend, yesterday (sat) i worked 7-3 and was so tired when i got home i didnt have the energy to write, and today was a good day, my boss called me yesterday and wanted me to work at 2 different facilities today, and then told me i could knock off at 1 instead of 3 and be paid for the full shift!!!  So i did that, of course and when i got home Dames asked me if i wanted to go to the footy.  Brea said she would look after the boys (god love her) so i said ok and we made the 1 1/2 hour drive to Melbourne.  When we got there we had to stand in line to buy tickets, we would be up with the Gods but we didnt care.  As we were standing there a man and a woman came up to us and asked if we were buying tickets, we said yes and then he said, listen, i have 2 tickets i cant use.  You can have them!!!! We tried to give him some money but he wouldnt take it so we bought him and his wife a drink…how nice is that????
We had amazing seats, on the first level, and as we had to sit with them he told us he got the tickets from his work for nothing and didnt want to waste them.  They were lovely people. Unfortunately, we didnt win the game, our best kick had a shot for goal after the final siren and missed. Oh well, thats footy.
So now im home, i have a short work week this week which i really need, it wont be long till the results arrive, you all know ill post when i know.
I havent gambled for 65 days, Dames and i were talking on the way home and both said we could have never just jumped in the car and gone to Melbourne in our ‘gambling days’, we simply would not have the money.  His mother is coming down this weekend coming, i will leave her for another day, she is a whole other story!!!!
I hope you have all had a wonderful gamble free weekend,
Take care, bye for now, Kathryn xxFighting the good fight…One day at a time