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Dear Kathryn
Whatever happens you will be alright. Kathryn that is brilliant.  You might feel happier but you won’t feel worse. xx
Would it help to believe ‘now’ that Sasha is Damian’s daughter and then you will either have already accepted the worst in advance or you will be relieved that she is not?
Dames is showing you his anger because he cannot undo what has happened. He has the guilty feelings – you do not. I certainly don’t believe that it is only a CG trait that directs anger towards the wrong person when there are guilty feelings. My daughter always shouted at me when she arrived late as if it was ‘my’ fault she had a time-keeping problem. Attack is the best form of defence – works most times. We accepted she would always be late and she stopped shouting.
Feeling numb and in limbo is not a good place to be for any of us. I feel numb and in limbo at the thought I might have to get my zimmer frame on a flight to Australia to clock on the nose someone I have come to care about very much because she even considered on-line gambling!
I cannot write often enough because F&F keeps me busy but I do care very much and I do read your thread. Now give that hungry elephant a bun and tell him he has to go.
Loads of Love – thinking about you
Velvet xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx