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Hi All,
Velvet and Nancy, thanks for your posts, i will be installing betfilter…i still find it a little wierd that i even considered it for one second, it was a fleeting thought but one that i have to ensure doesnt sneak back up on me.
I have a relatively busy day today, im going to get my monobrow made into 2, i need to buy a new kettle (damian dropped ours in the sink full of water) and im going to have a coffee with a friend i went to highschool with.  Shes great and was a big help with my finances when i stopped gambling.  I now have 4 days off, which i really need, just to relax and catch up on some housework.  I have a funeral tomorrow afternoon, my auntie Betty…she was a resident at the aged care facility i work at, and i watched that poor woman go from an extremely large woman to a bag of bones.  So i am taking mum with me, shes the sister of Betty’s husband.  As awful as it sounds, i will be catching up with a lot of my family that i havent seen for years so that part will be good.
I went and had a meeting with my boss last night when i got to work, in regards to the new workload that we have now.  I told her it was unrealistic and i made a few suggestions that still have us doing the same job, but lighten the load on the second round, which is the problem.  She was pretty good really, i just told her how it was, that we werent coping, and she got me to go through all the meds that can be given at 5 instead of 8, which turned out to be 7.  That will make life a lot easier for us. Ive never really stood up like that before, so i was pretty proud of myself.
Well, i hope you all have a wonderful gamble free day,
Bye for now, Kathryn xx
PS: Velvet, you know you can stay with me anytime you like, im just not sure where i can put you, you know, with the elephant and all!!!!!
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxFighting the good fight…One day at a time