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Hi Kathryn
I have just been catching up on your thread. Absolutely delighted for you. I think it s brilliant that you had the guts and courage to go and self-exclude. A huge step and one you should be very proud of. I know there can be negative things about self-excluding but you focus on the positive. If it gives you something to think about when you have an urge(as it already has) then the time delay should help you think about what you might potentially be doing (as it already has!)
I know you said in your last post about phoning in sick and feeling down. You have a big party to organise. That is stressful. You will have stresses in life. Hey, that’s life! But you haven’t gambled. Just felt a bit down! Great progress. Before you would have thought "Bugger this! I’m off!" Well done! Recognise stress for what it is! Stress! I used to gamble because I was stressed. Did it ease the stress? No! Made it a million times worse! Well done for getting of that stress merry-go-round!
Take care!
Hopefully talk to you soon!