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Hello Kathryn  First, I am so sorry about your Auntie.   God bless you for taking such good care of her at the nursing home.  She must had really appreciated and felt safe, knowing that you were close by and watching over her.  It’s so sad when we lose our loved ones, even if they are old.   It seems the longer we have them, the harder it is to let them go.
Glad you are going to remove the urge to do online gambling.  I never did it but have heard it’s worse than Casino gambling.  You don’t need to get into that Kathryn.   Your doing so well without gambling and have come a long way.  Your a great support for others here too.  I’m so glad you decided to join the forum.   Isn’t it great we can come here and express ourselves, whether it be good or bad.
Well, it won’t be long before you get your news.  I do hope that whatever the results are, you can accept.  I know how tough this has been for you and your family.  You seem like the kind of person that will turn whatever the outcome is, into a positive.  Life sure can throw us some curves. 
What is a monobrow?  Danielle