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Hi Kathryn
Been thinkin of you! … as you know I’m planning sydney trip, and everytime i think of the baby elephant at the zoo – I think of you, and your ‘elephant in the corner’ that i hope, for your sake, is now house trained !
Ahhh theres nothing more liberating for a woman than having ill-placed facial hair removed eh!! Its worth the few moments of agony, and the few hours of red skin and swelling. haha. Its alright for you to laugh Al, you guys can just deal to it with a razor! Ya wanna try some hot wax some time fellas…ouch. i reckon there’d be more men with beards! LOL!
I’ve just come from a funeral today Kathryn. I find funerals a great time for reflecting on where we are at, and how far we’ve come. Theres nothing like death to remind us to LIVE everyday like its our last! And to remind us of who and what is really important to us! I went to the funeral with my dad, and hugged him extra tight when we said goodbye, and reminded him how much I love him.
Betfilter sounds like a good option! Might be better than having Velvet on your doorstep looking to bop ya on the nose!!!? Though with the way airport security is these days, they probably wouldn’t let her on the plane with that zimmerframe of hers……they’d deem it a weapon of mass destruction!! LOL
Sleep well! Night.
Meg"We are each of us angels with only one wing…  we can only fly by embracing each other"