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Hi All,
Today is my 71st day gamble free, i didnt realise had gone past the 70 day mark.
Anyway, i have my mother in law down for the weekend. She is a good stick, although she drinks A LOT and gets very loud and rowdy.  Im not a drinker so i usually end up going to bed to the peace and quiet. She had taken the boys out for breakfast this morning so it is lovely and quiet here.
Im not doing a lot today, im going grocery shopping and i have to take Harry for a haircut…he decided that his hair was getting in his eyes so he cut some off so he could see…his hair is pure white so it is very noticable.  Hes decided he wants a spike…there goes the beautiful blonde locks.  Mind you, he has a big chunk out of the front so a spike will be much better that the current look.
We are going to my nephews 18th tonight, i will have a few brews there, mind you, i dont need many!
I hope you all have a wonderful gamble free weekend,
Bye for now, Kathryn xxFighting the good fight…One day at a time