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Hi All,
Firstly Sherry, thanks for your post, i wouldnt be surprised if we were interfering with the fertility of frogs, sometimes we are very hard up for news and you wouldnt believe the things they put on there.  Personally, i havent heard that one!
Anyway, on to my weekend…i have had my mother in law down for the weekend. She came Friday and is leaving our abode tomorrow.  Firstly can i say that i do love her, BUT….she is exhausting.   Because the whole world revolves around her when she is here i spend my time running around after her, buying her beer (she pays of course), i just have to drive to the bottle shop, just general running around for her and after her.  I have barely seen Damian, because he has been in the shed with her the whole weekend and yes, i could go and sit in there with them but i cant cope with her talking to him like he’s 5 (‘ my little boo boo baby!!!’)
She drives him crazy, she never, and i mean NEVER stops talking, about anything at all.  We decided that tonight we were going to watch the movie ‘Wolverine" and for you ladies out there it is definitely worth a look, Hugh Jackman, no shirt, muscles bulging….sigh!!! Anyway, back to the topic… im trying to watch while she is going on and on about these amazing pots and pans she has at home, by the way, she bought us one, and i made white sauce in it tonight for our roast lamb dinner.  I went to scrape the leftover sauce in the bin with a spoon and she screams ‘aaaahhh, dont use a spoon, you’ll scratch it’, to which i replied, ‘i am almost 40 years old and i think i can clean a damn pot without scratching it and if you dont like the way i do it then take it home with you!!!)
Yes, somewhat harsh, but i have been on the edge for 3 days and had had enough.  So she thought that was a great joke and laughed.  Anyway, im trying to watch Hugh in all his glory and shes yap yap yapping.  About pots. 
I am sure you have all got it by now…IM OVER IT!!!!!
So in closing, my weekend was pretty crappy, im tired, im edgy, i havent spent any time with Dames.  We did go to the party last night….dont ask. I had 3 drinks and was in bed at 8.30, what a rager i am!!!
I hope you had a better weekend than me, personally, im glad its over and i think i need a weekend from my weekend.  She will be back in 5 weeks for the wedding….God, help me!!!!
On a positive, i didnt gamble and if anyone was going to drive me to it it would be her!!!!!
Have a great day everyone, sorry bout the rant (im not really) bye for now, Kathryn xx Fighting the good fight…One day at a time