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Hi Kathryn,  Yea, I can hear you now with your mother-in-law.  I was chuckling a little myself because I am sure my daughter would say the same thing to me.  Gosh, you couldn’t even see that hunky guy speak with mother-in-law in background.  Well, you handled it well and thank God you can be yourself with her and say what’s on your mind.  Also, my granddaughter is always hearing advise from me she doesn’t want to hear, like don’t straighten your hair so much, you’ll burn it, or keep your skin clean so the pimples won’t come.  It’s all out of love, of course, but sometimes it drives them crazy.  Generation Gap, I guess. 
Better weekends are ahead Kathryn.  The important thing is you are staying away from gambling.  What an acheivement for you to be away for that long. Good for you!!
Thanks for your comments on my thread.  It’s good to be encouraged and you did just that and do with everyone you come in contact with.  Take care and keep up the good work.   Danielle