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Good morning Kathryn.
Just want to say thanks for your post about your everyday life. Your openness, and that of the others whose threads you follow and that follow your thread, is a big help.  In my pledge in "The Daily Pledge" I refer to such personal postings.  I posted my thoughts there as a release for me but am repeating it here to you to encourage you to keep up your Life Journal, both as a help to you and for help to me and others.
May God bless and keep you.
———————————————- My Daily Pledge Post ————————————————————
I will not gamble today.
I went to my GA meeting last night and came away with a renewed incite into the help they give and the help I receive from this site.  I sit there and listen to, and read from many of the post here, about personal problems that seam to have nothing or little to do with gambling and wondered what the purpose was of spilling out this information.  It is now obvious, either these outside problems sent us to gambling to escape or out compulsive gambling was the cause of the problems.  We need to continue to address each of our everyday actions and feelings and discuss our weaknesses and concerns so that we can more truthfully see and deal with our gambling dilemma.
So not only will I not gamble today, I will also not suppress any feeling that may send me into a state of wanting to use gambling as a release.Larry, aka Paul315"Day Two is Still a Day Away" – No matter how long in the program, I realize that without help and strength I might have to, but hopefully not, begin a new Day Two from time to time.