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the cowboy

Hi K,
this is a topic outside my comfort zone but ill have a ‘stab’ at it anyhow!
YOU are perfectly within your right to feel the way you are feeling, how dare this woman (tramp) walk into your lives after 15 years and think that she and her daughter can start to love happy families… Saying that I know its not the daughters fault, she is merely seeking to meet her dad, if your hubby is the father, well, its another chapter in your life that I am sure you and your family can cope with. I know you don’t want an extra family member and especially some other munter sticking her nose into your family, my blood is boiling at the thought, i’d be a bit like you, i’d like to smash her face in! please don’t do that though, you are better than that…
Anyhow, that is my useless and pointless message of support.
Keep strong K, I know it must be eating you up but we are all here for and with you 🙂
AlPlayers do not continuously lose… They continuously nearly win!!