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Hi Kat…it was my daughter’s birthday yesterday (the 19th) and even though it was smaller, I was still frantic at running around like a chicken with my head cut off (gruesome saying), getting cake, card, gifts, invitations, reservations etc.  Her father stands there like a nit with his chequebook out.  Anyways, I’ve survived another year.  I was surprisingly sad this year, she became a teenager and it hit me pretty hard.  She is my one and only, a blessing in my life, and I’m suffering from the "don’t grow up and leave me" blues.  Anyways, hope you are now resting.
You are doing so well my dear.  Don’t ever be afraid of what is to come.  We only get to live this life one day at a time.  I’m glad you recognized that your anger is a trigger.  There isn’t an emotion in the book that isn’t a trigger for me!  Happy, sad, elated, depressed, angry….you name it, they all became a reason for me to gamble.  Congratulations, I’m behind you rooting for your success!