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Hi Chook
Ah, i wish there was a community group chat on tonight, so i could at least talk dongle’s with you to take your mind off things… anything to make you laugh!
It moments in life like this one, that you just have to ‘ride it out’. y’know….. hands in the air!!?? cant change the outcome etc etc.
I’m kind ‘riding it out’ myself tonight – having just left a conversation/meeting with my ex, that; once it is documented with the lawyers; will spell the end of my marriage. ugh. i feel sick. Discussing finanaces and possessions was easy compared to the trading that went on over who gets how many hours with kids on xmas day, how we manage my sons 7th birthday in a few weeks, and the fact i have just been UN-invited to a fathers day dinner next sunday!
Hands in the air babe! What doesn’t kill us makes us stronger!!!? (by god, we’ll be the strongest chicks in the Antipodes! AND we have added ‘dongle’ to our vocabulary!! We have SO much going for us LOL LOL LOL)
Hang in there babe. you’re doing GREAT!!!
Much much love, light AND strength to you!
Meg xxx"We are each of us angels with only one wing…  we can only fly by embracing each other"