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So hooray for me, im double figures…10 days.
I worked all weekend and when i got home i was reading the local papers sunday magazine.. i read my stars and nearly died.  For all you Virgo gamblers out there, just listen to this…..
You’re doing what needs to be done.  Much to your surprise, its almost working.  You’re nervous of course.  You never thought you’d do what you’re doing; you imagined it would always be something to dream of.  Now the fantasy is becoming a reality.  Life is getting intense- not least because so much is changing so quickly.  You fear it could all go awry at any moment.  That’s not going to happen.  This week’s solace is exceedingly encouraging, so relax.  Prepare for the future…HOW COOL IS THAT!!!
Now im not normally supersticious, but that was pretty amazing i thought.  I know we can read it into any part of our life but im taking it as a sign, and a good one.
By the way, the party was a huge hit, the girls had a great time (i did have issues with the pizza shop though).
Marilee, this is for you…. my friend and i took the girls into the city for Breas first night out as an adult.  When we dropped them off i got out of the car and gave her a hug and then  had to watch her walk away.  I have never been so sad, proud and jealous (she looked unbelievable!!!) all at once.  Treasure yours while shes this age, i cant believe the time went so quickly and to think i was a gambling freak and missed so much of her life.
You have the opportunity to make her teenage years ones of great joy both for you and your daughter. Dont forget to talk to her about everything (i mean everything) and you will have a wonderful relationship where she will tell you everything ( mine does) Im just glad now ill be here more to listen to her.
Have a great day everyone, KathrynFighting the good fight…One day at a time