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Hi All,
Well i spent the whole day yesterday moping around, waiting…..with no result.  I have woken up this morning and decided i am going to take Megs advice.  Im putting my hands in the air, letting go and just going with the flow.  God only knows when the results will be there, Fester is pestering Damian about the results, bloody cheeky considering she didnt tell him for 15 years!!!
I was so tired last night, exhausted from the anticipation of what? Nothing.  We will know when we know, hopefully it will be soon, if i could choose it would be this week as i have my 4 day weekend and if i want to cry i can without worrying about going to work. I am on my 81st day gamble free, i thought about gambling a lot yesterday, but im not letting this situation send me backwards.
Have a great day all, i will certainly be trying to keep busy, bye for now, Kathryn xxFighting the good fight…One day at a time