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Good Morning Everyone,
Now im proboably going to sound like an Oscar winner but….first id like to thank God (only joking) I just wanted to say thank you all soooooo much for your support throughout all this, I have such good friends here and you all helped me get through this hard time. 
Fester rang Damian last night (I was at work) and was extremely upset, saying that the test was wrong.  She said ‘I know that you are her father’,  and you know it too!!!! Dames said the DNA doesnt lie and offered to do another test.  Fester said that Sasha didnt want to, that Sasha had said we could all go and get F’d.  I can only imagine what that woman is saying to her daughter.  I know she wants to believe it but the results are the results. So she did the next best thing, which was to put doubt in Damians mind that maybe the test was dodgy and it was wrong!  He was very angry when i got home.  I kept saying to him that the lab (its called genetrack) was not dodgy, i had done my research before ordering the test, blah blah blah.
So our wonderful happy night turned to crap basically.  I was floating when i got home, and there was a lot more room in the lounge now that the elephant had left the building! I got up early this morning, i wanted to see Damian before he went to work.  He said he had thought about it and wasnt going to let her put a guilt trip on him.  I told him that she was grasping at straws, as if she was going to tell Sasha that she had slept around, so im guessing that she will tell Sasha her whole life that Damian is her father.  At least then she wont look like the ***** she is.  And she is not going to want another test either because she knows that the test is right.
I sent her a copy yesterday, she will get it today.  I also messaged her last night with the number of the company and suggested she call it if she had concerns about their credibility.  She messaged back saying thanks, but they are not going to pursue it as ‘Sasha’ doesnt want to. Anyway, its not our problem anymore, although if she comes back and wants another test we will be there (but im not paying for that one)
I am hoping that we never hear from them again, that it is now well and truly behind us and we can move on with our life. 
Thanks again everyone, i cant quite believe i didnt gamble through all this, good lord i wanted to. But if i can go through something like this and not gamble, i can conquer anything!
Take care, bye for now, Kathryn xxxFighting the good fight…One day at a time