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Hi Kathryn:  What incredible news!!  This is exactly the outcome I was hoping for you.  I must say, you have shown incredible strength of character through this.  You have shown determination to keep your family intact and unbelievable discipline by sticking to your goal of not gambling.  A lesser person would have cracked and gambled …wow, you amaze me!
Thank you for your post on my thread.  Yes, it may very well be time for a trade-up, lol!!  Although, I’ve already traded up once, and unless I want to follow in Liz Taylor’s footsteps, I’d better work at this one. 
Our kids start school in September, and essentially have two terms …. September-December, and January to June.  So they’re off from mid-June to the beginning of September … a very long time, and needless to say, they LOVE it!!  You’re right, it is planned around the summer.  It goes way back in history when kids were needed in the fields in the summer and for the harvest in the early fall.  Winter and spring were convenient times for school … and so it remains.
Since this is the last week of their vacation, I’m having their cousins over for the day on Wednesday, and their school friends over for the day on Thursday.  Two whole days of romping, screaming, laughing, HUNGRY, crazy boys aged 10-12.  I can hardly wait . Friday, I have to drive many miles to pick up their school uniforms (God knows why their school chose this particular supplier) and Saturday, it’s shopping for supplies with all the other crazed, disorganized parents and disgruntled kids.  Heavens, that reminds me, I have to shop for school shoes too!!!!
End of day 36 and no urges to gamble.  I was driving my oldest to the bookstore this evening and had to take the same highway exit that I would normally use to go to the casino.  I didn’t even think about it when I was driving by … now that’s progress for me. 
You must be into your 83rd day already … only 17 ODAAT"s to go to the magic 100. Way to go, girl, I am SO proud of you.
All the best.
 This moment is all we really have.  Be happy in it.