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Hi All,
Well today is a new day.  Dames and i had a chat this morning and we have let it go.  As he said, we were so ready for the results to say that Sasha was his, that the shock of her not being his was enormous.  We really did take Fester (that is the last time i will say her name) at her word. I have to wonder if she wasnt expecting us to do the DNA test.  Also, we have to wonder if he ever slept with her at all, i am doubtful.  He told me that he remembered getting up in the morning and only having to put on his shoes, he was fully dressed.  Anyway, unless we hear anything else from them, the topic is now CLOSED!!!!
So today, i am going shopping with Brea.  As its fathers Day on Sunday (is it the same everywhere else?) we are going shopping for Dames. Brea bought him a crucafix to wear around his neck and the chain is broken so we will either buy him  a new chain for that or i was thinking of a watch. 
I have my Amazing Race night with Jode tonight.  She is in her new house, its beautiful and yesterday she was having the cupboards and shelves fitted out in her walk in pantry.  She rang me at 7am.  They had arrived early so her and the kids came over for breaky.  It was lovely.  She has also found out that one of her foster children is going to permanent care, which means he will never go back to the mother.  Now THAT is amazing news for her. She is a born mother that one!!!
Yesterday, in my Oscar speech, i left out one important person (dont they always?) I want to say a big thank you to Harry, who stopped me from going insane, for keeping me level headed and rational (well most of the time) and who listened to me going on for hours at a time.  H, the crystal ball is now in a million pieces, thank you so much for putting up with a ranting, raving luntic woman and always finding something positive to say. You have the patience of a saint!!!
I hope you all have a wonderful, gamble free day.  Im feeling a lot lighter today, the weight is slowly lifting and i am starting to unwind.  Time to start living again, taking it one day at a time.
Take care, bye for now, Kathryn xxFighting the good fight…One day at a time