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Hi Kathryn:  I had to laugh at your description of me !!! Isn’t it funny how we picture each other.  I live in Canada, close to Toronto.  I live in the suburbs, so no huge expanse of land (I wish), but we live close enough to farmland.  I had visions of Caroline Ingalls from Little House on the Prairie in your description. Not quite the calm, serene Mom either, I’m afraid  … bit of a fireball at times. You got the wild boys part, right on though … in a positive way.  My husband is quite strict on the amount of time they spend on video games and tv, so they’re very active.  Running around, making up games, exploring … and when friends come over — WATCH OUT!!  We’ve never been fussy about "things", so kids pretty much have free rein.  My room is really the only room off limits. 
Anyway, thanks for a chuckle on a rather mundane Friday afternoon.  Yes, school is now only four days away.  Poor boys are NOT impressed.  My kids attend a private school that offers warm lunches, but my boys prefer me to put in their lunches.  It IS a pain trying to keep things interesting. Once a week, they`re allowed to leave school premises and visit a nearby restaurant for lunch.  It`s very tightly monitored, and they travel in groups of six … no lonely wanderers allowed.  I like this because they learn to handle themselves in restaurants, manage money etc.  The restaurant manager monitors them closely and even a toe out of line is reported to the principal.  I`ve never seen a school with such discipline.
This is going to be a very busy school year for me, especially with my eldest.  It`s the last two years before high school, so I want to ensure he is solidly prepared.  So, I will be working closely with the teachers.  That`s going to be a handful when my business ramps out again.  Gambling kept me away from much of the academic plans I have for my kids.  And it wasted too much money that should have gone to extra-curricular activities and tutoring to put them ahead of the game.
Oh well, no use crying over spilt milk.  I have to move onward and upward. 
I still can`t get over how far you`ve come.  You`re inching ever nearer to that 100 day milestone (almost one third of a year).  It really does get slightly easier as time moves on, doesn`t it?  I think you should start planning a major celebration for you 100th day.  You deserve it for how incredibly well you’ve stuck to this program.
Enjoy the weekend with your family.  You must be getting close to spring, and I’m sure you’re looking forward to it.  Are you close to the beach?   I envy anyone who lives near the ocean.
This is a long weekend for us and I have MUCH to do.  Hubby has just taken boys for haircuts, I have to pick up uniforms and school supplies and then figure out something special to end the holidays.
Heavens … I did it again … yammer, yammer, yammer!!
Talk soon.
 This moment is all we really have.  Be happy in it.