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Hi All,
Well, i have my dress for the wedding! Im soooo pleased, for all the ladies, its black and white and long to the floor, flowing and gorgeous.  I have booked my hair to be done on the day and will have it up, with a white liily in it i think.  Jode is paying for my makeup to be done(its my birthday coming up) so i will be looking mighty fine i think!!!!! I havent had my make up done since i got married, 17 years ago so im looking forward to that.
As for the home front, i have been feeling a little wierd about the whole thing (you know), I feel like Dames has pulled away a little bit, but a wise man told me that men tend to deal with their feelings on the inside.  Or it could just be me reading too much into things, who knows.
Im having a very quiet weekend, tomorrow is Fathers day so we will be doing the rounds of the papas.  Im cooking a roast lamb for tea for the father of honour and generally getting ready for the week ahead.  I have been very lazy on the homefront since the whole sa****ate, so im going to do some baking (from a box!)
My mother is the master baker, unfortunately i never got her culinary skills.  But no one complains when the chocolate cake is dished out! Last night i had my first gambling related dream since i have stopped.  I can only remember parts of it but i know i was in Ireland, and i got thrown out of a venue.  I woke up in a hot sweat, i was going to get up and write it down but it was too cold! I think i may leave a pen and paper next to the bed.  I havent had a dream that ive remembered for i dont know how long, but it was very strange.
Anyway, i hope you all have a wonderful, gamble free weekend, and for all the fathers in Australia, Happy Fathers Day!
Take care all, bye for now, Kathryn xxFighting the good fight…One day at a time