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Hi Kathryn
You don’t sound at all crazy to me. I know you pop over to F&F. Have you never read the posts that say – ‘My husband Fred Bloggs  is committing to a gamble-free life why do I feel weird and crying when I’ve waited for years for this moment’?
Anything that affects our emotions deep down takes time to get that deep. I think that when the situation turns and impossible dreams become possible it must take time for the emotion to come out and so we feel weird and cry and other things that we don’t think we should do or feel.
I think your description ‘gambling hangover’ is superb but I think this time it is an emotional hangover that you just need to take your time with. You were all geared up to believe the worst so that you could cope and then ‘POW’ the elephant blew up and left you reeling. Your mind felt like it was going from everything to nothing in one millisecond but your sub-conscious is taking a little longer to accept it is over. You will get there and this will become a distant memory just another little hiccough along life’s way.
I have my glass ready for raising on the 11th which fortunately falls a week before the full moon so hopefully I should be fairly stable and won’t spill my toast to you.
The dress sounds terrific and a make-over will make you feel tip-top. I just wear a mask these days or a brown paper bag on special occasions.
Loads and Loads of Love
Velvet xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx