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Hi All,
Well, today i am wild!!!! You know how i went shopping and bought my beautiful dress on Friday…well Monday the catalogue comes out and heres my dress…$50 cheaper. I have rung the store and they are unprepared to refund my $50.  I told them that they would have known that the dress would be on sale Monday, to which the sales girl agreed, but i have to return the dress and wait 24 hours to go get it at the cheaper price…which i am going to do. Its the principle.  What disgusting customer service, i told her so too.  So on my day off im traipsing into town to return it.  I know it may sound petty, if the sale was on in 2 weeks well thats the luck of the draw, but 2 days????? Its the principle to me, and hey, if it happens to sell before then, well ill just have to find another one.
Anyway, coming up to my 3 month mark….woohoo.  It feels good to not have that strong, painful urge anymore.  The thought is still there, proably always will be, but i will just keep coping like i have been, whatever works i say.
I am starting to relax a lot more now, trying to get back to my happy self, and its coming along, slowly. Im breathing out before i say anything, i have been biting heads off everywhere, its time to stop.  Life is good, i am a very fortunate person to have such a wonderful family.  I can feel the emotion draining out of me, my shoulders are starting to relax, its time to enjoy my life.
Thanks everyone, have a wonderful day.
Bye for now, Kathryn xxFighting the good fight…One day at a time