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Hi All,
Well, i did take the dress back, and im going in tonight to re-purchase it.  In reality, $50 used to be a drop in the bucket, i would put 10 of them in a machine in an hour and not give a rats.
I always remember leaving a venue thinking, i could have filled my cupboards with groceries for a month with what i just spent, i could have taken the kids to the movies 5 times, i could have, i could have, i could have.
I am also picking up my ‘bling’ for my birthday tomorrow, i have to wonder, if all this hadnt happened if i would be getting it but hey, WHO CARES, im getting it anyway and i think i am a most deserving recipient!!!!!!!
I am going to a show tonight with my sister, its a comedy show, i have never been to one so it should be good. My sister has a great sense of humor, we always have a laugh together, she is the quiet one while im loud and dramatic.  We get on really well, im really looking forward to it. The last few years we have been doing quite a lot together, we have a few things coming up in the next 6 months, another comedy show, the Australian Open Tennis, Mamma Mia.  Im lucky to have a sister that im so close with, although it wasnt always like that, she was really close with my eldest sister who died, and when that happened we were drawn together.  Something good comes from something bad.
My mother in law sent me $100 for my birthday!!! I was shocked.  She sends Damian $50, how funny is that….she knows who to stay in the good books with.  I will put it in the bank, with everything i have coming up, it will come in handy for something!
Well, tomorrow is my 3 month mark, although in reality it is just another day i will not gamble.  I wish i didnt have to work, but ive been lucky in that ive had the last few years off, just by chance with the roster.
Anyway, have a great gamble free day, id better go and wash my hair,  have to look nice for tonight!!!
Take care all, bye for now, Kathryn xxFighting the good fight…One day at a time