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Hi All,
Well thank you for your wishes, i have had a lovely day.  Jodie and i took the kids to one of those indoor jungle gyms…they had a blast and we could have coffee in relative peace!
My bling looks f-a-b-u-l-o-u-s, i shouldnt wear it to work but im going to just because….i went and got my dress back for the sale price…lol… although the one i took back had been sold so i had to order another one to be delivered, but its coming.  I had a fantastic time with my sister last night, she spoils me rotten, the show was hilarious, i never knew people sitting on a stage saying nothing at all could be so funny.  So all in all i have had a lovely birthday, oh, and Brea bought me a beautiful blingy clutch bag for the wedding…im all set!
So 3 months gamble free today.  I actually had an urge driving home last night and i know exactly why…it was because i didnt tell Damian (well i didnt know) what time i would be home.  I used to love it when i was going somewhere and i wasnt sure when it would finish, i could always pop in for a quick gamble.  The urge lasted all of 2 minutes, i put the radio on really loud and started singing, it did the trick.
So i hope you are all having a lovely gamble free day, thank you all for your wonderful support over the last 3 months, im sure without you i wouldnt have done so well.  Everytime i look at my bling finger, it will remind me not only of how much i am loved, but that life without gambling makes everything else that little bit more enjoyable.
Take care, bye for now, Kathryn xxFighting the good fight…One day at a time