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Hi All,
I have just made an appointment to have Damians yearly tax return done.  Why does this scare me? Damian has a tax debt of approx $28,000.  Its the only debt left.  I was paying around $1000 a month off this debt, but what i wasnt doing, and didnt realise i had to do was also pay his quarterly installments. When that wasnt paid, the payment arrangement defaulted.  I was supposed to send in these forms, with a reduced payment plan so that we could pay both the debt and the installments.  Did i do that? We all know the answer.
This was back in May.  I am now, this week going to send the forms in to the tax department.  The stuff i have to send with it is horrific, i dont know where to start and im terrified.  Im terrified they wont agree to the arrangement, i want to drop the debt payment by $400 a month so that should also almost cover the quarterly installments.
In reality, my bling  money should have gone towards the tax. We have been living a pretty good life at the minute, ignoring this debt. Its time to face the music. I feel physically ill about it all, but i know that it wont change until i change it. Its the last hurdle and im having a very hard time getting myself over it.
Apart from that, i have been busy, worked all weekend, went and did the grocery shop this morning, its a glorious day here, spring has finally arrived.  I hope you have all had a lovely weekend, im going to go and have a look at the papers now and see what i need to do. 
Bye for now, Kathryn xxFighting the good fight…One day at a time