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Hi All,
Well im on a bit of a health kick.  Dont get me wrong, im still eating chocolate (just not as much) but i have been walking the last couple of days, power walking.  Its amazing how nice weather makes you want to get out and do something.  So yesterday i decided to walk down to Harrys kinder and pick him up and walk home.  I walked down by the beach, along the esplanade.  I must get myself some music, its strange when all you can hear is your own heart, pulse rate going up and up…and the huffing and puffing.  So when i decide to do something,  it is never without incident.
I was just about to tackle a big hill, head down breathing in the nose and out the mouth, i then hear this woman yelling and the sound of something running towards me…..a big, and i mean big, dog.  Im not a dog person, never have been, but i look up to see this huge, wet dog bounding towards me.  It starts jumping all over me, wet, dirty paws.  Im standing there with pleading eyes for someone to save me.  Then the dog finally runs off and the owner yells out ‘dont let her jump on you’????? Short of hitting it on the head with a very big stick love, what exactly would you like me to do?
Anyway, i surge ahead, make it to kinder on time and pick up my little man.  We had a lovely walk home (no dogs in sight) listened to the birds, there were millions of dragonflies everywhere, they were massive.  We avoided any attack from them and had an uneventful walk home.
I have woken up this morning, not only very sore but with a shocking neck…i feel like someone is standing on my head and pushing my verterbrae in my neck together, which has also given me a massive headache.  Not a good way to start the day.  Im working today, then im off for 4 days.  I have a hens night on Sat. night, that should be fun??? I dont know what they do at hens nights anymore, but a couple of drinks should have me relaxed enough to tackle anything!!!
I havent really had any thoughts of gambling, im sure im nearly at the 100 day mark now, i have stopped counting days and decided that months will do.  Still taking it one day at a time of course, but the 11th of each month is a milestone for me.
Only 2 more sleeps and my children are home for 2 weeks break.  I admit, i do love the sleeping in of holidays, not rushing around, just lazy days.
Anyway, have a great gamble free day, i will try for another walk today, but Harry is home and i cant power walk, just stroll.  Im sure thats better than nothing.
Take care, bye for now, Kathryn xxFighting the good fight…One day at a time