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Yes Sherry, it is day 12 for me…yahoo
Its only lunch time now but i have just got back from parent/teacher interviews.  It went well, master 10 is doing well, he is where hes supposed to be in terms of the smart scale.
Anyway, i saw a man today that is (was) always at the pokies when i was there.  He would be drunk and pouring $50 after$50 into those machines, so was i (i just wasnt drunk)  But it got me thinking….
I remember being at the venue and losing all the money in my purse and then going to the ATM machine.  On removing my money i would walk back in there like i hadnt been in there at all, like i was just arriving all over again.  Then i would lose that  lot of money and do it over and over again.  It was like every time i walked back into the gaming room from the ATM I was starting over and i hadnt just lost $100,$200,$300 (and the rest)
What a weird feeling… it was like groundhog day ( you know the movie?)
Anyway, just wanted to share that. I wonder if that man is still going to that venue (proboably) Im soooo glad its not me.  Have a great day everyone…Kathryn
 Fighting the good fight…One day at a time