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Hi All,
I had a lovely day today, i went to my girlfriends, we were in high school together and she has a new baby, well he’s 10 weeks now but just lovely.  Harry and i spent the day there, she also has a 3yo so the boys had a great time. My friend and i never shut up, it was just like we were back in high school, its interesting, i see her and dont think of her as nearly 40, all i see is the beautiful 15 year old that i told all my secrets to. It was great.  I then had to come home early as Bailey had his last day and they finish a bit early.  Jodie and i went for a big walk, it wasnt as painful as the first time, although she has really short legs and i have really long ones so i backed off a bit so she could keep up without running!!!!! (if you ever read this Jode, sorry love but you know its true)
Tonight my football team is playing to get into the grand final…i so hope they win.  I have sent dames out to the shed to watch it, he makes me too nervous and he gets very agro when we are losing so he is banned from the house. I will proboably get all my ironing done, i can never sit still when they are playing.
Anyway, no thoughts of gambling today, i was just too busy and my body is very heavy tonight from the walking, i can hardly type!!! I am sooooo unfit. I really just want to be in a good headspace for the wedding and not feeling all flabby and yuck. 
Dames made an interesting comment tonight, we havent spoken of the ‘drama’ since it ended but he said to me..’ can you believe we went through all that?’ Now, i think it has taken him all this time to get his head around it, poor bugger.  I think women are lucky as we can deal with our emotions as they come, where as men (i think) tend to bottle them and let them build up.  They dont express themselves as well as we do.  I thought it was funny just coming out of nowhere like that.
I hope you all have a wonderful gamble free day, take care, bye for now, Kathryn xxx Fighting the good fight…One day at a time