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Hi All,
I am having a lovely lazy Saturday morning.  I love Saturdays…well, i work on 1 but the other one i sit and read the paper, drink lots of coffee and just relax. 
I have my hens night tonight so that should be fun.  Im sure there will be all the usual games, but i am looking forward to catching up with Damians sisters and sister in laws.  They are all great, i married into a good family. Harry had woken up with a bad cough this morning, its going around so im keeping him inside, nice and warm.  He is not a complainer, he never whinges when he is feeling unwell, god bless him.
Im going to go for another walk today, although it has just started raining, the weather here is so up and down at the moment, yesterday was bordering on hot!
I knew that my 100 days must be coming up, i really stopped counting them but i wanted to know when it was so i got the calender and guess what? It was yesterday! I didnt even know, so my big 100 came and went, but boy, does it feel really good.  I just told Dames, he is 100 days too, we high fived each other!!!  Corny i know.
Anyway, i hope you all have a wonderful weekend, ill let you know how the hens night goes!!!!
Take care, bye for now, Kathryn xxFighting the good fight…One day at a time