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Kathryn wrote: I remember being at the venue and losing all the money in my purse and then going to the ATM machine.  On removing my money i would walk back in there like i hadnt been in there at all, like i was just arriving all over again.  Then i would lose that  lot of money and do it over and over again.  It was like every time i walked back into the gaming room from the ATM I was starting over and i hadnt just lost $100,$200,$300 (and the rest)"
"What a weird feeling… it was like groundhog day ( you know the movie?)"
I never thought about it like that but it is so true…  I remember all too well the anticipation of putting ‘new’ money in instead of the reality of what was already lost…until the way home.  I like how you described the insanity! 
It’s afternoon there and almost bedtime here.  It’s amazing how the internet brings us, half a world away, together.
Enjoy your day.